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Refill your body in hot water while feeling the breath of nature.

The history of Kagetsu began in 1961 with the opening of Isawa Onsen,
when a hot spring suddenly sprang out in the middle of a vineyard.
Admire the scenery of the garden that changes from season to season through rising steam.
Overflowing green, falls that play hide-and-seek in a rich air, high-standing rocks,
and streams babbling at your feet.
Entrust your body at ease in the spacious bath and enjoy a time to blend together with nature.


Surrounded by mountains, such as Mount Fuji, the Southern Alps and the Daibosatsu mountain range, Isawa is famous as a beautiful hot spring town.
Amidst this, Kagetsu- the monument stone inn, is well-known as an old-style inn located in the middle of Isawa Onsen.

The heartwarming scent of steam; The Big Bath, full of rural charm of each season.
Please enjoy a fulfilling time bathing into our famous hot spring bath, to relax both your body and your spirit embraced by giant peculiar stones.

Access time
Bath is available 24 hours a day (no cleaning time)
Facilities, fixtures
Safety box
For men: ear sticks, razors, shaving foam, and men’s cosmetics
For ladies: ear sticks, shower caps, cotton, face lotion, milk lotion, and cleansing foam
Spring characteristics
Alkaline simple hot spring (hypotonic mildly alkaline hot temperature spring)
Bathing indications
Neuralgias, muscular pains, joint pains, frozen shoulders, motor paralysis, bruises, chronic gastrointestinal diseases, hemorrhoids, coldness
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Private Open-air Bath

For people who wish to enjoy to their heart’s content the hot springs of Isawa at ease together with their dearest, we prepared guest rooms that have open-air baths.

Please forget your usual life and stretch out your wings; please spend together some time at ease, full of relaxation.

Resting Place

Please relax using our after-bath services, after enjoying our open-air baths, usable whenever you wish 24 hours a day.


Our aroma therapy uses oils essential from plants and trees, a blessing of the nature.
It is a natural therapy system to preserve your health and balance up body and mind by using the characteristics of natural plant perfumes. “Norimasa” uses trustworthy 100% natural essential oils.

Please feel by yourself the deep comfort of perfumes and our ultimate treatment that works on your body, mind and spirit, made all by hand.

bBusiness hours
15:00〜24:00(7 days a week)
User guide
Please apply at the time of reservation
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