Pure Japanese-style atmosphere and stylish impressions hidden into tranquility.

Highly individual stones in the midst of our Japanese-style garden that reflects each season in its own beauty.
The pond glistens with lined carps swimming at their ease.
There is no exaggeration to call this a supreme beauty encrusted deeply into the spirit of Japanese people.
We welcome you with wholehearted hospitality hoping you to enjoy a full relaxing time in a space full of emotion.


We at “Club Ishi” have collected famous kinds of sake available only in Yamanashi, from various wineries and cellars joining their eaves in our region, blessed by a great brewing environment. Local sake brewed using the famous water that springs from Mount Fuji, and wine made from our famous grapes. We have also prepared collector’s items quite unavailable otherwise. Please enjoy our plentiful lineup of sake and wines available only in Yamanashi, together with sparkling wines, brandies and other alcoholic beverages famous through the world.

Opening hours
20:00 - 24:00
All you can drink (2 hours); ¥3,300 for gentlemen; ¥2,300 for ladies.

Guide to karaoke private rooms, into “Club Ishi”


Some guests may wish to have a smaller second party into a private room, after a successful party in a banquet room. These rooms are perfectly fit for such guests. We have 2 rooms (large and small), provided with karaoke all-you-can-sing. These rooms provide extravagant spaces.

Number of guests Room charge for large room (up to 20 persons) ¥20,000 (tax not included)
Room charge for small room (up to 10 persons) ¥10,000 (tax not included)
Menus Beverages are similar with those in the club menu
Comments Rooms are not available for karaoke only

Garden Pool

Our pool surrounded by the garden provides an open and resort-like taste of our unique atmosphere, only available at Kagetsu. Please have a special time to deepen your summer remembering while bathing into the brilliant sunrays.

Access time
July 20 - August 31
Access hours
14:00 - 17:30
Access fees
Free of charge
Length: 15m. Width: 5 m. Depth: 1.1m
Items available for lending
Floating rings (for children)
Please refrain to let unwatched children use the pool, as there is no lifeguard person.

Other Facilities

Souvenir buying is one of the pleasures of a trip. Our store has a wide variety of merchandise starting of course with Yamanashi traditional products to goods of home use. How about a souvenir to remind you of the trip, unique to Kagetsu or to Yamanashi? Please feel at ease to order, as our shop provides product dispatch all through Japan.

Opening hours
7:30 - 22:00
Available products
Koshu Inden brand goods, Kikyoya brand shingen-mochi (rice cakes), various wines, original goods, etc.

Coffee Lounge

Have a break into a luxurious space surrounded by gardens. We prepare for you coffee, black tea or soft drinks. Please enjoy a relaxing time in style while giving food to carp over the window.

Opening hours 7:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Menus Coffee, black tea, soft drinks of various types
Comments * Light meals are not available. We beg for your understanding.

Mahjong Room

Kagetsu has prepared 2 fully automatic mahjong tables, apart mahjong sets available for borrowing in your room. Please enjoy mahjong by yourselves in your private room.

Opening hours 24 h/ day
Usage fees ¥2,150 / 1 hour
Comments * Prior reservation is necessary. Please request at the time of the reservation.

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