Beautiful Japanese Garden

Our Japanese-style garden, made one generation ago,
lies in the middle of Kagetsu and shows colorful expressions.
Our guest can see the beautiful scenery and can meet the pleasant wind,
the deep blue water and the plentiful nature at the verge of seasons
from each of the 36 guest rooms.
Please go ahead and enjoy the glittering peacefulness of Japanese-style space.

Quirky Inscription Stone

We wove up the interior of our location in a solemn space by gathering stone monuments,
strange stones and giant rocks gathered from all through Japan.
The tranquility and peacefulness given by stones has a healing effect to mind and body,
as in our garden we even have a tsukiyama (artificial mountain) built by stacking stones up.
Our guest can pass a stylish time walking elegantly through our spacious and extravagant garden.

8000 Carp

8000 carp swim at leisure under the clear sky,
in the midst of the scenery changing from season to season.
Their graceful swimming silhouettes in the pond and the sparkling vitality they project offer a comforting scenery in the midst of the beautiful Japanese garden.
The pond is a good souvenir photo spot and is also popular among children.
Our guests of the rooms on the 1st floor can enjoy giving food to carp in the pond.

Cordial Hospitality

Kagetsu, the stone monument inn,
has been keeping its spirit of hospitality since its establishment in 1964.
We provide a relaxing time and space together with peacefulness and a high-grade comfort.
We transmit to everyone
the traditional spirit of quietness in a beautiful and inconspicuous manner,
so that our guests really feel the best part of being Japanese as a great joy.


Hospitality for our guests
and attention to detail

Never forgetting how to smile, we pay finest attention to manage our health and of course our grooming and appearance, in order to permanently enable ourselves to come in contact with our guests in our best conditions.

We are permanently mindful to be one step ahead of the wishes of our guests.


“Hospitality” in each dish,
in the spirit of a tea ceremony

How can we help our guests keep better memories together with their endeared persons, just for their joyful smiles... Willing to do so, we are endeavoring in food preparation by our mature techniques, keeping an eye of our daily ingredients.

We provide “hospitality” from our heart, by preserving traditions while maturely reflect on new meals.


Wholeheartedness and a smiling face so that our guests feel “good to have come here”

Front’s main role is to be the first of us to come in touch with our guests as they arrive.We are pleased to do all our best to support you with warm and smiling faces to remove any trace of concern that you might have when you arrive to our inn.

Please feel free to ask in case that you have any concern while using our facilities.

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